Get unprecedented access to uranium with 1:1 asset-backed Lux Uranium NFTs, sovereign ownership of physical uranium without management fees, and mine-direct discount pricing.

Help secure clean energy for this generation and the next.


Lux Uranium Price / lb

USD 45

Market Spot Price / lb

NFT Drops


Drop size: 500,100 lbs
NFT price: $45 / lb
Market spot price:: ~$65 / lb


Drop size: 122,000 lbs
NFT price: $42 / lb
Market spot price: $52 / lb

Lux Uranium News

Asset-backed financial NFTs will be the driver of the next NFT killer use case, and we are excited to partner with Lux to pioneer this vision.

– Vera Labs CEO

Madison Metals has signed a historic and first-of-its-kind uranium forward sales agreement with Lux Partners for the tokenization of up to 20 million pounds of uranium.

Madison Metals signs uranium forward sales agreement and creates the first uranium-backed NFT with Lux Partners.

The initial sales have exceeded all Lux projections as the non-fungible tokens continue to offer an exceptional value proposition.


Uranium Market News

Global Atomic receives an LOI from a second major western utility for up to 2.4 million lbs. of uranium at $58 per lb.

The rise of nuclear power is being fueled by those who were once its biggest critics: Environmentalists... More than half of global uranium supply under severe threat.

US Department of Energy report finds hundreds of retiring coal plant sites could convert to nuclear.

Climate change and the energy crisis has led to more countries seeing nuclear as a solution... By 2050, nuclear energy capacity is projected to more than double.

Uranium Market Overview

Demand is outpacing supply.

Uranium production is expected to stagnate as producers aren't overly-incentivized until prices rise, all while nuclear demand is increasing.

There is an emerging uranium bull run.

Historically, uranium prices experience periods of exponential growth surrounding catalyst events, and now, non-utility buyers appear to be pushing spot prices up.

Nuclear demand is high and growing.

Nuclear generation already accounts for 10% of the world's energy, over 150 reactors are being built or are planned, and global decarbonization goals are driving a major shift toward nuclear energy.

The UN's 2050 Net Zero Goals can't be achieved without nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy is one of the lowest CO2 emitters. Additionally, it's low waste, ultra reliable, and safer than ever with next generation reactors and legacy plant upgrades. All credible models show that nuclear energy has an important role to play in global climate change mitigation efforts (e.g. IEA, 2021; BNEF, 2021; IIASA, 2021). The IPCC found that, on average, the pathways for the 1.5°C scenario require nuclear to reach 1160 gigawatts of electrical capacity by 2050, up from 394 gigawatts in 2020 (IPCC, 2018).